About i-GET

i-GET is a legally registered charitable trust that exists to inspire, empower and transform lives of girls through scholarship, guidance and counselling and mentorship. Since 2000, through the support of MOV – a Dutch organisation, the Girl Child Education Programme has successfully supported 315 girls through high school and 48 girls through colleges. These girls are today supporting their families and society in various productive capacities. Currently, the programme is supporting 32 girls through high school and 10 through tertiary colleges.

Iget 3


A transformed Isiolo community where girls excel in life


To inspire, empower and transform the lives of bright and needy girls through scholarship, mentorship, guidance & counseling

i-GET Gorvernance

A Seven-member Advisory Board advises the Board of Trustees who govern the affairs of i-GET. 4 out of the 7 Trustees are female. Each Sub-county has a management committee of five (3 female, 2 male) while day to day operations of i-GET is run by a 5 member Management Team operating from an office in Isiolo. The programme also relies on a number of volunteers, interns and mentors.